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 No matter how small or large your freight, our experienced customer service representatives, dispatchers, and drivers will get your important package or freight to its delivery point safely and quickly. If we can fit it then we can deliver . Our various service types are tailored to meet your exact needs, and you can count on our courier service experience to help get your shipment delivered expeditiously.

Courier Services:

  • Exclusive

    • Partner with us and we will  take the pressure off your hands and be ready for your deliveries as scheduled, whether thats daily, weekly or monthly. Forget the hassle of constantly trying to find a last minute delivery service and having to rely on someone you might not be able to count on. We get the job done for you and we are at your front door without you even having to call! Your package will be scheduled and be one of our top priorities. 

  • Rush

    • Do you need your package delivered quickly  and safely? Our Rush service type is your best option and can be picked up and delivered within 2 – 2.5 hours in the Metro Atlanta area.

  • Standard

    • A very popular option for many of our clients is this service type for any package that does not need to be delivered urgently. These deliveries can be scheduled for a few days in advanced or a few hours . Standard deliveries will be delivered within 3 – 5 hours in the Metro Atlanta area.

  • SameDay

    • This service allows your package to be delivered within normal business hours. If you have a package ready by 10-11 am we can pick it up for you and have it delivered by the end of the business day. 

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