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Courier Giant Test Food Delivery

Food Courier Delivery
Food Delivery

One of the largest courier company SF Express is currently studying a new and efficient way to deliver food. SF Holding Co. Ltd., is a partner company of SF Express and has been testing a new food-delivery service. The service specifically targets businesses buying food in bulk. This new expansion has created a plan that could cause a huge change in the food delivery market. The plan would make SF a equally competing company with Alibaba and Meituan Dianping.

The service will be a new addition to the platform, labeled "abundant food." The service is currently being tested by SF employees, who are the only users allowed to access the option. There will not be any open use to the public until the company has developed a plan that they feel is efficient enough to meet consumers needs. In order to attract merchants SF is currently offering zero franchasing fees and low commission rates. This new development will help the company expand into a larger market than currently.

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