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Target to Aquire Last-Mile Technology

Target Last-Mile Delivery
Target Last-Mile Delivery

In order to keep up with demand companies are constanly trying to find ways to keep up with delivery services. Competitors such as Amazon offer same day delivery which has led consumers to high expectations. Large companies such as Walmart have partnered with last mile companies in hope to reach the same playing field as others. Target has recently announced they will focus their attention on last-mile batched delivery. In order to meet demands the company decided it would be a good idea to purchase technology from Deliv. Deliv was a startup that focused on last mile delivery but is currently in the process of shutting down all operations. Targets goal is to focus on their online store and explore new and better ways to deliver online orders quickly and at a lower shipping price. To help them better understand Deliv technology, Target hired CEO Daphne Carmeli and several Deliv employees. Any company that is currently using Deliv technology will no longer have access to it, leaving Target with the only Deliv technology.

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